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K.M.L Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. Our company manufactures grounding and lightning protection products under the brand name Kumwell in accordance with various international standards: IEC, UL, IEEE, NFPA and ISO9001:2008. We also offer surge protection devices, energy meters, arc protection systems, lightning data, and detection and warning systems. We put the emphasis on a safe society while maintaining power quality with state-of-the-art grounding and lightning protection systems.

Lightning is a natural phenomenon which occurs as a sudden electrostatic discharge that can cause loss of life and damage to electronic systems and property. Kumwell provides a stable and safe foundation through various infrastructures from electricity (power generation, transmission and distribution lines), industrial plants(petrochemical, oil and gas, food, and chemical), transportation(metro lines, BTS Sky train, subways and high speed trains),telecommunications(data centers, TV/radio stations, microwave stations),and buildings(high rise, complexes, and housing).

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