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Kumwell does not only sell lightning
prevention equipment and grounding
devices but it also performs duties about
lightning prevention system and
grounding system so that the society will
receive best quality and safety as in our vision

Since many of the large organizations have been regarding as the driving force behind national economy: the electricity sector (power generating system, transmission line system, distribution system), mass transportation sector (sky train, high-speed rails, airport, port, special way, etc.) telecommunication sector (radio station, TV station, mobile transmission station, microwave station, etc.) industrial sector (petrochemical factory, oil refinery, iron-steel making plant etc.) and real estate sector (stadium, religious place, office building skyscraper etc.) including residences. They all especially give precedence to the "safety" of the grounding and lightning protection system.

Kumwell proposes the business model to support the needs from the large organizations by becoming the total solution provider for the grounding and lightning system through promoting and presenting the methods of designing, installing, and maintenance to the customers, trade partners and other stakeholders with correct and complete information. Today, Kumwell has developed and established its Learning Center as well as becoming a host organization for the Council of Engineers. Therefore, the participating engineers can receive PDU score starting from 2017. Furthermore, we have a plan to arrange seminars all year long such as in-depth discussion about grounding system installation in accordance with the electric system standard of EIT, lightning protection system design for concrete buildings, and lightning protection system design for large-scale power plant and alternative energy plant (solar farm, wind farm) as a factor of future success. We need to provide correct knowledge, information and understanding about the products and services of the company as many lives and properties of people are depending on.

Kumwell does not only sell lightning protection and grounding devices but also take responsibility and duty of creating the lightning protection system and grounding system so the society will receive the best quality and safety as we envision "WE TAKE YOU TO SAFETY".

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