Kumwell has always determined to develop in-house research and development (R&D) for innovative technology and modern tooling for grounding and LPS to deliver safety to society.

KML technology has continuously concentrated to research and develop new technology of Lightning and grounding also new extensive safety business. The below following is the highlight road map of our past.


- More than 60 LPS components design according IEC 62561 series.


- Develop an electronic igniter called "Elitor" for exothermic welding as an alternative to a flint gun for increasing an operator's safety.
- Real time Smart Ground Monitoring with SMS alert



- Installed and fully operated Lightning Detection System all over Thailand


- Launch the new Arc Detection Relay.


- Lightning warning application on Android.
- Lightning warning system
- New LPS concept for concrete building installation.
- Communication tower new LPS design concept.

Kumwell TESTING Laboratory

KML technology Laboratory contains the state-of-the-art test equipment for Lightning Protection System (LPS) and grounding product in ASEAN in the testing of:


- LPS components such as conductors, connectors, fasteners, air terminals and grounding product, according to latest IEC 62561 Standard.

- SPD functional test cover all SPD application, ac power, communication, DC system which comply to IEC61643-11, 21, 31.


A list of some of the existing equipment is below:

- 60 kA Lightning Impulse current generator, 10/350 μμS and 8/20 use wave shape for LPS and SPD (class 1,2) testing

- 20kV/10 kA Combination wave impulse generator for SPD class III testing

- 10/700 uS ring wave generator for communication SPD test

- SO2 simulation environment chamber corrosion test

- Salt spray simulation environment chamber test

- Universal mechanical tensile test

- Micro ohm contact resistance test

- Heavy current 50Hz 2000 A power source


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