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Lightning Phenomena is the dangerous that cannot avoid and be affected to Industries, Agricultural, Medical, Communication, Transportation or whatever will be affected with damage to Economic, Working and the worst result to life. In recently, many people and sector overlook the accident from lightning because lack of awareness with damage happened and lack of knowledge to protect With the reason lead to Kumwell have shared of experience and knowledge about grounding system and lightning protection under project “Creating Shared Value” (CSV) via Kumwell Academy with expert engineer relay knowledge how to design, installation, maintenance and grounding and lightning system to all government section such as Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Industry and Royal Thai Navy and private section such as The Engineering Institute of Thailand, Thai Electrical & Mechanical Contractors Association and other educational institution without expense for create a network of safety society. More than 2 decades … “Safety” is the word besides being the business of Kumwell also an inspiration to create product and innovation about lightning protection device, grounding system including the development and research of lightning protection system for digital era or smart city. We aim to create safety to property and every life in society. Because we recognize that a safe society is a livable society. This is the duty of Kumwell adhere to the principle of work and always conduct in business. “We Take You to Safety”