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  Total Solution for Petrochemical  
The petrochemical industry is one of the industries producing and merchandising energy. The sector consists of gas extraction, petroleum refining, fuel transportation, and gas station merchandising. Moreover, since almost every business and activity use energy (such as transportation, travel, cooking), energy production and consumption are essential to global lives and the economy. Also, energy consumption tends to increase every year due to the increasing world population; therefore, the Petrochemical industry will remain the top priority supplying the world’s energy demand for decades.
Due to the Petrochemical industry essentials, the industry cannot be shut down for any given reason. Nevertheless, electromagnetic risks from nature or electromagnetic disturbance, such as lightning strikes and human-made electrostatic, disrupt the Petrochemical operation. Hence, the systematic-prevention standard, planning, and management are needed.
Kumwell presents “EMC for Unplanned Shutdown,” a plan designed to avoid loss from accidentally cease operation for continuous operation with the highest security.

  Total Solution EMC for Unplanned Shutdown  
EMC for Unplanned Shutdown

Kumwell EMC Specialties is specialized in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) consultancy with a team of international experts and professional. We provide comprehensive services as following;
1. EMC – Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
2. EMC Management
3. EMC Consultancy

  • EMC – Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) shall be taken first in early stage before planning to design activities at all levels.      Since the process of procuring areas for various projects must have a geographic and physical survey for both project area and neighborhood area in order to prepare the EMC Requirement to ensure the safety of people, property and systems. Including the ability to set regulations of the project to be correct according to international standards, and reduce unnecessary expenses with project management planning with an EMC Plan which will be useful for projects.
  • EMC Management for heavy industrial plant will raise the understanding and awareness of design and management to ensure stability and increased safety in electrical and communication systems for future projects. This is a fundamental multidisciplinary not only to engineers but also involves architects, designers, contractors, technicians, as well as project managers and project owners. The objective is to manage the systems with electromagnetic energy to function as it intended which does not cause interference or adversely affect to the people as well as safety and stability of the system.
  • EMC Consultancy is provided by national experts supporting operations involved electromagnetic.

  Total Solution for Block Valve  
Block Valve Lightning and Electromagnetic Alert by Smart Lightning Management System

  • The natural gas pipeline project from block valve station from Ratchaburi-Wang Noi 6 (RA6) is a project under TIEB (Thailand Integrated Energy Blueprint) plan assigning PTT to be responsible for national energy security. The project aims to distribute east natural gas to the west to create national gas distribution stability and supply industries usage by connecting distribution from Sai Noi, Nonthaburi, to Chom Bueng, Ratchaburi.
  • Kumwell Corporation PLC. participated in Smart Lightning Management System (SLMS) design and installation. The block valve RA6 and BV5.15 station installed Smart Grounding Monitoring, Smart Surge counter, Smart Lightning Counter, Smart Leakage Current Monitoring, and more to bring value and safety to operational personnel and infrastructures.
  • SLMS is an innovation monitoring overall operation status, grounding, and surge protection system. It can notify lightning and electromagnetic threats simultaneously. The gathered data will be transferred to central system or administrator; hence, the problem will be solved immediately.

  Total Solution for Tank Farm  
Tank Farms Lightning Protection

  • Tank farms or other flammable liquid or glass container crucially requires a lightning protection system because lightning strikes can cause a spark that leads to conflagration.
  • Air termination installation should be outside the lightning protection zone (LPZ) 1 or flammable areas (from gas), avoiding spark at the end of the air termination when lightning strikes. There are two ways of lightning pole installation: independent and foundation-attached installation.
  • The independent installation is a lighting path establishing, not contact with the protected building. The installation use lightning poles, which must be installed away from the oil silo at least “s”. The “s” distance must calculate according to IEC 62305-3 to prevent the flash hazard from the lightning pole to the oil silo.
  • The foundation-attached installation should consider placing the tip of air termination outside of the LPZ 1.
  • Self-Standing Lightning Pole is designed to be smaller than standard light poles. Also, it is lightweight, easy transportation & installation, and high strength (wind load tested up to 150 km/hr.).
Down Conductor Design for Tank Farms
  • There are two methods of down conductor design for tank farm or flammable liquid containers: using neutral down conductors from oil silo’s metal frame and using additional down conductors.
  • The design of the neutral conductor must use an electrical continuity conductor with 5mm-thick (steel) or 7mm-thick (aluminum) as a down conductor. Also, Earth Boss is required as a connector between the oil silo and grounding conductor.
  • If the oil silo is too shallow or its frame is incompatible with any external devices, using High Voltage Insulating Down Conductor Cable (KHV cable), which can compensate separation distance, is advised to provide safety against lightning strikes.
  • Kumwell Earth Boss is stainless steel, passed IEC 62561-1 standard (Requirements for Connection Components).
Automatic resistance monitoring by Smart Ground Resistance Monitoring

  • Grounding in some industries, such as farm tanks, always needs low average grounding resistance (usually lower than 10 ohms) for safety & continuity operation and lightning protection stability. Therefore, to automate monitoring, Smart Grounding Resistance Monitoring is recommended.
  • Smart Ground Resistance Monitoring observes ground loop resistance, which can oversee the resistance simultaneously without ceasing operation. Also, when aberration happens (e.g., resistance is shifting sharply), the noise and LED will alarm.
  • Smart Ground resistance monitoring can work as a stand-alone and co-operate via the RS485 communication system for remote operation. Moreover, the product supports the Smart Lightning Management System, capable of notifying administrators.
Electrostatic Prevention by Using Static Earth Reels Monitor and Remote Interlock Controlled
  • In oil transfer areas, generally located in petrol stations or oil silos, must have electrostatic safety because flammable substance movement can cause and accumulate electrostatic charge, leading to sparks and explosions.
  • Electrostatic hazard prevention can be executed by installing Static Earth Reels Monitor and Remote Interlock Controlled electrostatic discharge devices. The products are explosion-proof enclosures with status indicator lights. Also, there is a Contact Voltage Free (NO-NC-C) for interlock connection with other devices, such as an oil-transfer valve connection to provide safety, in case there is no grounding in the oil truck or the ground clamp connection with the oil truck is incomplete.

  Total Solution for Gas Station  
Lightning Protection Design for Gas Stations
  • Gas stations store a high amount of gasoline; therefore, the lightning protection system is crucially necessary to provide lives and buildings safety. Lightning protection should be explicitly established at the gas pump, facilities, and brand sign.
  • Air termination and grounding conductor materials should be copper or copper-tined, and their types should be circular or tape conductors due to superior corrosive resistance compared to the stranded conductor. Also, the conductor needs to pass IEC 6256102 standard (Requirements for Conductors and Earth Electrodes), guaranteeing long last product life and good electrical conductivity.
  • If using the exposed down conductor and being publicly accessible, it is advised to use Kumwell Insulating Cable (KIC) as a down conductor, complying with IEC 62305-3 in protecting touch voltage. Also, it passes the lightning impulse durability test under IEC 62561-2 standard in wet and normal conditions.
  • The grounding of gas stations or other flammable areas should be ground loop formation due to ground electrical distribution and the reduction of ground potential.
Gas Stations’ Electrostatic Hazard Prevention by Static Earth Reels
  • Gasoline distributing areas in gas stations must have an electrostatic-hazard prevention procedure because the discharge can cause spark leading to conflagration.
  • To prevent electrostatic danger, static earth reels can discharge the electrostatic charge by using the static earth reels. The end of static earth reels must connect to grounding while the other end (automatic reverse sling with ground clamp) connects with gasoline truck or gasoline storage to distribute electrostatic to the ground.