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Kumwell EMC specialties is specialized in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) consultancy with a team of international experts and professional. We provide comprehensive services as following;
1. EMC – Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
2. EMC Management
3. EMC Consultancy

  1. EMC – Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)  
shall be taken first in early stage before planning to design activities at all levels.  Since the process of procuring areas for various projects must have a geographic and physical survey for both project area and neighborhood area in order to prepare the EMC Requirement to ensure the safety of people, property and systems. Including the ability to set regulations of the project to be correct according to international standards, and reduce unnecessary expenses with project management planning with an EMC Plan which will be useful for projects.

  2. EMC Management  

will raise the understanding and awareness of design and management to ensure stability and increased safety in electrical and communication systems for future projects. This is a fundamental multidisciplinary not only to engineers but also involves architects, designers, contractors, technicians, as well as project managers and project owners. The objective is to manage the systems with electromagnetic energy to function as it intended which does not cause interference or adversely affect to the people as well as safety and stability of the system.

  3. EMC Consultancy  

is provided by national experts supporting operations involved electromagnetic.

  EMC Specialist  


  • Chairman of EMC Technical Committee no. 890 - Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI), Ministry of Industry
  • Thailand’s Representative of EMC Technical Committee - IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and CISPR (International Special Committee on Radio Interference)
  • Committee of National Electric Vehicle Policy
  • Committee of Digital Council of Thailand 
  • Chairman of 2005 International Conference on Electromagnetic Compatibility (ICEMC'05)
  • Director of EMC Laboratory - King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL)


  • 12 year experience in Lightning Protection System, Field Inspection and Research & Development
  • 14 year experience in Manufacturing Electrical Power Products, Distribution Transformer, Instrument Transformer, Switchgear and Surge Arrester
  • 11 year experience in Operation and Maintenance for Power Plant & Power Substation

  • Officially Appointed and Sworn Expert for EMC
    • Dealing with court issues, private expertise, attending court hearings.
  • Publications and Seminars
    • Author of the book “Trilogy of Inductors” (ISBN: 3-934350-73-9).
    • Author of numerous articles in “EMC” (WEKA-Verlag, ISBN:978-3-8111-7890-8).
  • Lecturer at Technical University, Ladkrabang in Bangkok (KMITL) (2006 – 2012)