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Total Solution for Grounding & Lightning Protection System
as Foundation of Power Quality and Our Safety

Total Solution in Grounding & Lightning Protection System

as Foundation of Power Quality & Our Safety



Kumwell Grounding & Lightning Protection System (KGLS)

To provide total solution system for electricity, transportation, buildings, telecomunication, industrial plant with a Grounging & Lightning Protection Design using Kumwell Calculation Software to comply with international standards.
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Kumwell Lightning Verification System (KLVS)

To guarantee/certify Kumwell customer to receive good quality products complying with international standards. This system enhances Kumwell to improve and develop existing and newproducts. Kumwell has Grounding & Lightning Testing Laboratory to conform to IEC 62561 : 2012 standard
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Kumwell Lighting Inspection System (KLIS)

To verify and monitor existing Grounding & Lightning protection system problem.

To provide preventive maintenance programs for every Grounding & Lightning Protection System in electricity, buildings, telecommunication, industrial plants, transportation and residential area to that all the systems are in function effectively.
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Kumwell Lightning Detection System (KLDS)

Serve as safety warning for Airport, oil and gas plant, outdoor activities, sport complex, golf course, school, construction site and agriculture farms.

Serve as High Accuracy Lightning measurement for better lightning protection improvement of transmission line, distribution line, telecommunication network, electrical distribution for railways, plant and buildings.
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